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DHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler

DHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler



Fuel:Coal, waste rock, biomass, waste, sewage sludge

Temperature: 194~485℃

Applications: Chemicals, power generation, non-ferrous metallurgy, paper, rubber tires, central heating

DHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler introduction

  As a new type of mature high-efficiency low-polluting clean coal technology, CFBC technology has many advantages that other combustion methods do not have. Circulating fluidized bed belongs to low-temperature combustion, so the thorium oxide emission is much lower than that of pulverized coal furnace, only about 200ppm, and it can achieve direct desulfurization during the combustion process, and the desulfurization efficiency is high. Moreover, the technical equipment is economically simple, and its initial investment and operating costs for desulfurization are much lower than those of dry coal powder furnace plus flue gas desulfurization (PC+FCD).

  · Wide adaptability to fuel and high combustion efficiency, especially suitable for low calorific value inferior coal.

  · The discharged ash residue has good activity and is easy to realize comprehensive utilization without secondary ash residue pollution. The load adjustment range is large, and the low load can be reduced to about 30% of the full load.

DHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler parameters
  DHX35-1.25-M DHX50-1.25- DHX75-1.25-M ZZ-35/3.82-M
ZZ-65/3.82-M ZZ-75/3.82-M
Boiler capacity(t/h) 35 50 75 35 50 65 75 75
Working pressure(MPA) 1.25 1.25 1.25 3.82 3.82 3.82 3.82 5.3
Outlet temperature(℃) 194 194 194 450 450 450 450 485
Feed water temperature(℃) 105
Applicable coal Various coal, vermiculite, biomass, garbage, sludge
Design efficiency % 89 89 89 89 89 91 91 91

Notice: As the company's products continue to improve parameters of the above products will be continuously updated page listed for reference only.


DHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler advantage
High temperature cyclone separator
· High efficiency, wear resistance, separation efficiency ≥ 98%, effectively improve the combustion efficiency of the boiler thermal efficiency.
Large furnace design
· Large furnace, low flow rate design; let the application of pipe technology, reduce erosion wear;
• Extend the residence time of coal particles in the hearth so that the coal can be fully burned.
Bell hood
• Bell-type hoods are used to avoid material cross-linking to the plenum while the cloth is evenly distributed.
Low bed pressure operation
Through particle optimization, the operating bed pressure can be as low as 3500 Pa, which effectively saves operating costs and greatly reduces the production of Nox.

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