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6 ton and 10 ton szs Gas-fired Boiler For Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Group

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  Boiler model: SZS6-1.25-Q ; SZS10-1.25-Q

  Boiler type: gas fired steam boiler

  Boiler capacity:6tons/hour , 10 ton/hour

  Application:Pharmaceutical Industry

  Address: China

  Project type: Complete Project (Supplyboiler, auxiliary equipment, installation and commissioning)

  Project Description:Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Group is one of the country's 38 key pharmaceutical companies. It produces more than a dozen raw materials and hundreds of pharmaceutical products each year. At the same time, however, the energy consumed and the pollution generated are also numerous. In 2017, with the continuous promotion of national energy conservation and emission reduction targets, some national environmental protection policies were gradually introduced. In response to the national “coal to gas” policy, Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Group urgently needed to introduce two gas boilers. Our company also learned that pharmaceutical companies need a lot of steam to sterilize and solidify drugs in the process of processing and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, there will be higher requirements for the quantity and quality of steam. After comprehensive consideration, we recommended a set of 6t/h and a 10t/h SZS condensing gas steam boiler. This type of boiler is a typical energy-efficient and environmentally friendly boiler with large furnace volume, sufficient radiation heating surface, complete fuel combustion, thermal efficiency up to 98%, sufficient output, good steam quality, and excellent environmental performance.

  Client Feedback:

  Our pharmaceutical industry is indispensable for steam demand, and as a well-known company, Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Group also attaches great importance to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection that the country respects. However, how to meet production and achieve energy conservation and environmental protection has always been a headache for us. The ZOZEN company started from our actual needs and the recommended boilers actually solved our problems. We also impressed us with professional pre-sales consultation and quality after-sales service.

Keywords:water tube Gas-fired steam boiler Water tube condensing gas/oil fired boiler

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