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  In the era of environmental protection and energy conservation, gas boilers occupy part of the boiler industry market, and the other part is oil-fired boilers and biomass boilers. Biomass boilers are emerging energy-saving boilers. The technology is not mature enough. The merchants have changed the boiler target to the oil-fired boilers. How much is the fuel boiler?

  The application of oil-fired boilers is very extensive, especially diesel boilers, mainly used in starter boilers of power plants, 1.25MPA diesel boilers in chemical plants, 1 ton of LPG steam boilers, 2 tons of external wall insulation materials, fuel steam boilers, 24MW fuel oil. Steam boilers, and hotel 25-ton fuel steam boilers, etc.

  How much is the fuel boiler? We need to know the tonnage and model of the boiler so that the price of the boiler can be directly reported. For example, the price of a 4 ton diesel boiler is about 200,000. Common fuel oil boiler models include WNS oil boilers, SZS oil boilers, vacuum oil boilers, diesel boilers, fuel gas and dual-use boilers, etc. Prices vary from model to model.

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