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6&10 ton/h Condensing Gas-Fired Boiler For Wire and Cable Factory

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    Boiler Model: SZS10-2.5-Q SZS6-2.5-Q

  Boiler Type:steam boiler

  Boiler capacity:4 ton/hour & 10 ton/hour

  Application: wire and cable factory

  Address: China

  Project type: Complete Project (Supplyboiler, auxiliary equipment, installation and commissioning)

  Project Description:

  Zozen Boiler’s SZS series of condensing gas-fired boilers adopt double-drum ‘D’ type arrangement, whose structure is compact and floor space is small. The furnace adopts membrane wall structure, the seal between the membrane wall and pipes on both sides of the furnace adopts comb plate, to prevent leakage of condensate and gas. The boiler layout heating surface is large enough to design a large space for steam, to ensure that the boiler operates stably. Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group is a professional manufacturer of wire and cable, focusing on R&D, manufacturing and services of wire and cable products. For the production needs, they want to expand the boiler room. The technical team of Zozen Boiler has configured two SZS condensing gas-fired boilers, one 10 ton and one 6 ton, according to Shangshang’s boiler room area and the needs of steam during the production process. And Zozen’s steam meet the production requirements of the Shangshang cable.


  Zozen’s boiler steam capacity is large, which increase the production efficiency of the cable. There is no fume problem and environmental pollution problem on the boiler. Under the professional and careful guidance of Zozen personnel, our employees are more convenient and safe to operate the boiler.

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